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Seviche or Ceviche?

I really don’t know what’s the right spelling for this dish. There is one thing I know though; I like the simplicity of this dish. Continue reading

Chawanmushi – Japanese Egg Custard

Chawanmushi is the savory egg custard that the Japanese usually have as their appetizers. What I like about this is that it is simple to make yet the texture is pretty awesome. Continue reading

FREE Online Cookbook for this Coming Valentine’s Day: RED

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! In preparation for this coming Valentine’s Day, I prepared a special FREE e-cookbook/FREE online cookbook for you and your loved ones just like what I did before. Continue reading

Dum di dum di dum…. What is this…. :)

Before moving on, can you guess what this is? A super give away would be to read this post too. Continue reading

Apple Caviar – Humble Beginnings in Molecular Gastronomy

If you are one of my friends in facebook, you should have noticed that I kept on asking around on how to get my hands on sodium alginate! Luckily, one of my friends knows a company that process seaweeds derivatives and thus, able to make this post! Yay! Lemme show you my first step in molecular gastronomy :D Continue reading

Duo of Shrimp

A few weeks ago, my high school friends and I were in the Casino and played black jack. We were actually making a killing there and then, the usual food thinking happened. What is a good food that I can pair with blackjack? The result is here: Duo of Shrimp – Grill Shrimp with Bacon in Red Wine Cherry Reduction and Shrimp Tepanyaki. Continue reading

Low Fat Egg Salad Canape

I want to lessen my calorie intake since am getting huge again and I was thinking of an alternative binder for fillings the other day. So often than not, we usually use mayo for our filling, however; there is just too much calories in it. A tablespoon will cost us 100 calories. Ugh… Continue reading

Salmon Inarisushi

There is this thing they call inarizushi in Japanese restaurants. So often but not, you only get to see them on the menu when you to the authentic ones here in Manila, particularly in Makati like Kikufuji, Seryna, etc.. These tiny golden pouches of tofu are deep fried and sweet. They are normally stuffed with sushi rice inside and some shitake mushroom. Continue reading


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